Miracles DO take work

You reached your goals. You are a success.
Now what?

You worked hard and enjoy your achievements, but you know you’re not done yet. Where do you go when you’ve reached the end of your plans already? Starting over again sounds exhausting, but enjoying that same stale success isn’t going to be enough for you.

You want to do more…be more…feel passionate about what you’re doing.
It’s time to get your miracle!

Narelle understands. She has earned success, looked around and wanted more. She discovered her next purpose, created a new life, and is reaching for her NEXT goals and dreams. 

Don’t start over from scratch! Use what you’ve already learned to do the work and get your miracle!

Let Narelle put her experience, wisdom, intuition, and creative power to work, to help you uncover what you want, decide where you want to go, and enjoy setting new goals.

You deserve an exciting, challenging life!

Don’t just sit there.
Just because miracles do take work doesn’t mean you can have one.  Step forward and discover what’s next!


If you are ready to get started right now, and dive deeply into creating a career or life that is soulful, creative, and fulfilling this this is the place for you. Whether finding yourself and your NEXT as a person or as a business owner, this is one-on-one coaching at its best.


The best creative coaching around, coupled with a small group networking opportunity with other successful people looking for their NEXT. Perfect for those who prefer a collaborative coaching environment and are willing to commit the time and energy to be present in person.


The Corporate Solution is a group coaching solution for organizations looking to inspire, raise morale, increase creative problem-solving, and improve productivity. Narelle offers speaking and coaching to teams and organizations experiencing dysfunction.


As “the Face of Bariatric Success”, Narelle speaks to Surgeons, Associations and surgery recipients about what life is really like after the surgery, and shares her roadmap to living a happy and fulfilled life post-surgery.

Meet Narelle:

Narelle knows what to do when life throws you a flaming curve ball. From being left on her own at 17, to a successful career as a teacher, being recruited to teach in Japan, then stranded at the airport when her Japanese host realized she was a woman, to a career as a successful director in London and then LA – to present day where she used her phD in Ontological Coaching to bring her clients passions and purpose back to life.

Narelle puts her life experience, creativity, wisdom, skills and intuition to work for you. She’s been there, done that, laughed and cried, and accumulated 25,000 hours of professional coaching experience. Read More About Narelle…

So what do you do when life throws you a flaming curve ball?
You take YOUR Step to the Left to find your purpose and begin your own next chapter!

What my recent clients are saying...

individual“I love Narelle. When I hired her I was lost. Completely lost. I was wondering if I should waitress which, by the way, is a noble profession, but it wasn’t what I needed to do or should do. Furthermore it wasn’t who I was or what I had worked all my life to be.” Read More

Cynthia Greenburg Dunlop – Television Writer, Producer, Director

What my recent clients are saying...

group1“I’ve worked with Narelle as a client of Creative Power Coaching for several years, including some workshops she has done for a non-profit music organization I belong to, as well as group coaching sessions, and also as a private client.” Read More

Michelle Malone – Individual/Group/Conferences Los Angeles Women in Music

What my recent clients are saying...

corporate“Narelle is sincere, intelligent, creative, and hardworking. We appreciated greatly her insights and opinions. I would recommend her highly if you are looking for a solid, outside perspective from someone who utilizes both experience and intuition.” Read More

Jason Haffley – Managing Partner & Executive Producer at OneNinth


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