Narelle A. Sheehan PhD

Principal and CEO of Creative Power Coaching

In 1983 and 17 when her mother passed away, Narelle found herself essentially on her own as a very young adult in her native Sydney, Australia. Working 3 jobs, she put herself through teachers’ college, graduated, and took a job teaching high school. She thoroughly enjoyed teaching her students, and soon found herself Head of the Drama Department. As she reached many of her teaching goals surprisingly fast, Narelle also tragically lost a close friend and began to re-evaluate her next move in a field she loved, but also where she knew there would be no more promotions for 22 years. At 22 herself, this was shocking!

Narelle had worked hard at becoming an exceptional teacher, so she had paved the way for to take the unexpected miracle of a job offer to teach and travel the world! She happily accepted a job to teach English in Japan, looking forward to a new path that used the success she’d already earned. When Narelle arrived at the airport she stepped into line to purchase her ticket to Osaka, Japan. While in line and meeting her Japanese Host for the first time face to face, she was informed that the job offer was for a male teacher. During months of interviews he had assumed “Narelle” was a male name. His response upon learning she was Narelle: “No women allowed. Get pregnant. Too much trouble”. The job was now rescinded; there was no going back to her old job. What do you do when your miracle evaporates?

Taking a deep breath and without pause for panic, she picked up her suitcases and took a step to the left at the Qantas Airline counter and changed her ticket to London! She refused to give up on the idea of seeing the world. After settling into London, Narelle applied and was accepted into the prestigious school, The Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts. There, she worked diligently to learn the art of directing, gaining new skills and knowledge while working with the most extraordinary British Actors and Directors. Following that path, Narelle became a director and stage manager in small theatres all over the UK and Ireland.

While directing and stage managing, Narelle kept hearing from the actors around her about the agent they wished they had. Intrigued, she “invented” a new career and a company for herself called Narelle Sheehan Management. Despite being successful in the UK and Ireland as both a director, stage manager, and now as a talent manager, several RADA and Theatre colleagues recommended that Narelle move to Los Angeles to pursue more of her goals there.

Often asked how she got so lucky as to make it big in Hollywood, Narelle’s success in Los Angeles WAS a miracle, but miracles do take work, and Narelle had learned her crafts and honed her skills so she was prepared to take advantage of every miraculous opportunity and keep that success going. Narelle continued to produce and direct in the U.S. as she began her wildly entertaining life as a respected and successful international talent manager in Los Angeles, London, and Sydney.

After a few more miracles and much hard work, Narelle Sheehan is an amazing, energetic coach who pulls on a lifetime of experience, knowledge, intuition, and a PhD in Ontological Coaching to help her clients to do the work to open the doors to miracles and success.

Learning to do the work to support the miracles that life offers, to create each successful and joyful new chapter in her life has taught Narelle the skills she uses to help her clients find their purpose and begin the work to get ready for their own miracles. Her intuition and creativity speaks to the creativity, dreams, and passions in you. When you come to the end of your plan, that’s NOT the end of your life or your career…miracles do happen, but miracles do take work, so start working to be ready to sustain your next miracle!

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