Group Coaching

This solution rolls two benefits into a one-hour weekly commitment to a group coaching session: The best creative coaching around, coupled with a small group networking opportunity with other successful people looking for their NEXT.
Perfect for those who prefer a collaborative coaching environment and are willing to commit the time and energy to be present in person.
The group coaching sessions have maximum of 4-6 participants to fully allow everyone time for their needs and work

Narelle’s next group program begins mid November 2017.  Apply now if you want help getting through the 2 hardest months of the year for entrepreneurs!

This is a three-month program:

Month 1: AWARE

Month 2:  REPAIR

Month 3:  RENEW

There is a weekly meeting either in person at Narelle’s fabulous LA Offices, or a webinar style meeting to accommodate you wherever in the world you are located. Narelle is also very happy to fly in each week for your Group, at your location.

Included in the Group Solution are your weekly meeting with your commitment to each other and your Coach and the process, a one-on-one BONUS weekly meeting, plus a one-on-one 60-minute call, and unlimited email access to Narelle.

What my recent clients are saying...

group“Narelle’s coaching has worked wonders for me, as well as for everyone in our small group. Under Narelle’s expert guidance I have blossomed as a Creative. My self-confidence and ability to assert my worth has grown in leaps and bounds…” Read More


Michelle K

What my recent clients are saying...

group“I’m currently working on xyz (sic), well so much really, and I just thought it was interesting that when I am thinking about how to do it best, the voice I hear in my head has a distinct Australian accent. Oh, and TODAY I received the check for the dinosaur project, in the full amount. The amount we have all worked on in group for 8 weeks! They paid my value!” Read More

Michelle L