Put Out Shop Happy

This is a special area of support, Coaching and encouragement close to Narelle’s heart, which she is particularly passionate about.
Narelle has worked with celebrities and “real people” clearing out their closets, offices garages and gardens showing people the joy in de-cluttering. Clearing out a person’s closet has also allowed Narelle to work with people to reinvent their image.
Another BIG STEP to the left.
Narelle also discovered that sometimes coaching needs to also include “getting rid of”, decluttering around our personal weight and shapes to move forward.
Over 10 years ago, this became even more personal to Narelle when she made the tough decision to undergo Bariatric Surgery. After losing 160lbs, Narelle has not only experienced life-changing results for herself, but ALSO maintained these results against all statistics.
She understands the struggle to stay positive as we walk into that new shape and new life.

POSH OPTION 1 Services

For most people Narelle will work with you to design, create, implement and stick to a series of steps to let go of your old image and EMBRACE THE NEW YOU © Narelle will personally come to your home, set up a system you can continue to follow. She will then personally take you shopping and show you HOW to shop for success for you.
Each season, Narelle will then follow up with accompanying you on your next shopping trip and update your closet OR Narelle will bring you a selection of items for you to shop “at home”.

POSH OPTION 2 Services

For Bariatric clients, or weight loss clients, we start with a 4-hour customized look at exactly where you are now, today. THE MOST IMPORTANT part of your weight loss, especially for Bariatric patients, is to keep your head in line with what your new body looks like.

Many people believe “I’ll buy new clothes when I am done losing weight” Absolutely NOT.  The way you now dress and hold yourself is VITAL in your progress.

In the 4-hour session, you will learn to lean into the changes happening to your body, your image, and your life. Narelle helps you gently close the door on your past, while joyfully and thoughtfully moving into your future. The solution is customized to each individual, and includes help letting go of your old wardrobe, purchasing new, and adjusting your self-image to stay positive, stay on track, and begin your amazing, beautiful journey to your new shape and your new NEXT!

Narelle will then follow up with you as you continue your journey.

This work is super important especially for men: Who knew SPANX could change a man’s whole outlook to his self image, and what man knows even where to buy SPANX?

POSH OPTION 3 Services

This is the general decluttering of your home! Everybody needs this and needs it NOW!

Narelle will come in, assess what you need, assess how you live and work and assess how to make your space work better for you.

Whether you live in 500 square foot loft in a big city or in a mansion on 300 acres in Texas, you need systems in place to launch you into your new next. OUT with the unneeded, unwanted, stale stuff…to allow room for the new to flow IN.

What my recent clients are saying...

posh“Narelle is a compassionate, caring individual who makes you feel at ease and provides great insight into any situation. She is a great listener and is always pleasant to work with. She has made an impressionable impact on my life that I will never forget.” Read More

Negar Nikki Sidi – Group Product Director at Biosense Webster