Narelle Sheehan

Narelle Sheehan offers every audience a powerful presentation that blends her experience as a “Beacon for Bariatric Surgery Success” with her years of wisdom as an intuitive, coach, and unsurpassed storyteller. Narelle blends her compassion, first person perspective, and coaching expertise with a bright and gentle sense of humour to connect with audiences in a unique and engaging way.

Narelle is committed to tackling the post bariatric struggles AND being a living example of the life-changing world of opportunities this surgery provides. She offers a first-person perspective to physicians and health professionals, and a source of additional support, follow up, and a shining example of turning surgical success into a lifelong health solution to both bariatric patients and those considering the surgery.

“Narelle is a Beacon for Bariatric Surgery Success”

Let’s face facts, within 5 years, over half of bariatric Surgery recipients experience significant weight gain. What if there was a way that surgeons and their health care teams could offer their patients a real life example of what life after successful bariatric surgery looks like, a source of additional support, follow up, real-world tools and knowledge to help them turn your surgical success into their very own lifelong health solution?

Narelle Sheehan offers exactly that. She is the face of bariatric surgical success. She had the surgery over 10 years ago, and has kept the weight off because she learned to support her weight loss with careful diet, self-realization work, relationship re-tooling, and she embraced her new body and all the new possibilities in front of her. One of her greatest passions is teaching others to do the same!

Health professionals will learn how to support post-surgical success:

  • Educate patients about the different changes that can occur in post-surgical bodies: Narelle offers a first-person, highly
  • successful perspective that’s invaluable!
  • Body image issues that can sabotage success.
  • Gain a better understanding of relationship dynamics after surgery.
  • Recognize that you have to treat the whole person: Mind, body, and spirit!
  • Help the patient not simply survive bariatric surgery, but thrive!
  • First-person facts about reconstructive surgery: Cosmetic or medical necessity? What are the real health (mental and physical) benefits to the surgery?

Bariatric patients and those considering the surgery will learn:

  • How to be successful after surgery
  • Understand how your body can change after bariatric surgery– there is no ONE way to succeed and thrive. Everyone’s body reacts differently (new food intolerances, allergies, exercise, skin shrinkage, exercise, and more).
  • Learn to love the new you, embrace and support your body, change your self-talk, and step forward into your new possibilities!
  • Re-tool relationship dynamics after surgery: Accept your body and the changes you’re seeing, reframe your relationships with friends and family, train people to see you as you are and not as you were.
  • Learn to move forward into your future instead of leaning back into the past!
  • AND what if nothing changes as a result of your new body? Sometimes the cause of our unhappiness isn’t just with weight.
  • Learn to sort through and resolve your baggage, so you can move forward with a lighter spirit AND body!
  • First-person facts about reconstructive surgery
  • Cosmetic or medical necessity? What are the real health (mental and physical) benefits to the surgery?

Increased Odds of Success

When Narelle recently visited a bariatric convention, every single doctor wanted to know about recovery and what she has done to maintain her weight loss. They all assumed she was the keynote speaker on the last day. She was approached by multiple doctors and asked to speak to their staff.

Why? They’re all looking for a way to increase the odds of long term success in bariatric surgery recipients. She heard from many that they were looking for a way to offer their patients more than just a surgery that changed their bodies – they wanted to be able to offer a change in their patient’s lives. Because the root cause of obesity is often not ‘the food we eat’ alone, surgeons were feeling lost when it came to claiming a long term patient success rate. Narelle offers the tools, support, experience, that health professionals and consumers alike are searching for!