Individual Coaching Testimonials

“I love Narelle. When I hired her I was lost. Completely lost. I was wondering if I should waitress which, by the way, is a noble profession, but it wasn’t what I needed to do or should do. Furthermore it wasn’t who I was or what I had worked all my life to be. But my career had gone from great to rotten; I was going nowhere and cleaning rooms and organizing manically but not leaving my house – hoping somehow things would just magically change. I was getting nowhere and feeling pretty crazy inside. It was a major, major black hole that on my own, I have to be honest and say, I didn’t know how to crawl out of.Read More

I know there are people who probably say that the very term Life Coach is a scam. And there are Life Coaches who don’t walk the walk and frankly, do a crappy job. They cash your check and then check out and you’re like, ‘What was that all about’? I’m screwed and I’m out money and emotional investment. I interviewed a lot of people before this. I got the shaman version, the girl who should’ve been a secretary but somehow was thinking she was a Life Coach version. I spoke to a number of people and I lost a little money in my search. But then I called Daisy Swan & Associates and heard from Narelle. I interrogated her like nobody’s business. But then we met, I wouldn’t do this unless I could meet her, and instantly I realized it was a match.

Once we started, she slowly but surely helped me build back my self-esteem. Some of the things she advised me to do, I thought sounded silly at the time but those small things made such a great impact. In asking me to take the teensiest actions to change my perspective I started to feel capable, interested less meek. Eventually I felt confident and the tasks or homework assignments infused me with a new lease on life. If you hire her, you will find that she is intuitive, kind, compassionate, hard on you when she needs to be, but always loving and spiritual. Your highest good is her priority. And it’s nice to have that. It’s beyond nice: it gets results.

I was hired to do what I like to do within six months of hiring Narelle. After such success I chose to add other seemingly insurmountable goals to the list; none of which were a surprise to her. We tackled them all and continue to do so. Other successes have been reached and she is an integral part of each story.

I do believe a life unexamined is a bad idea, which is why I go to therapy. I also believe a life without action is DULL and puts nothing that you’ve been examining so long to the test. If you really want to change you need to make changes. But sometimes it is difficult to know where to start, how to continue, when to know you’ve won and how to celebrate! A Life Coach as good as Narelle makes that all possible.

I got the right person. Narelle is legitimate. This stuff matters to her. She takes pride in her work. She is on it, she cares, she has your number and she won’t let you let yourself down.”

Cynthia Greenburg Dunlop

Television Writer, Producer, Director

“Narelle is passionate and contagiously enthusiastic about her work, is never afraid to push for results from me, is tireless in her approach, has excellent instincts and I can recommend her 100%.”

Julia Ransom

Creative Consultant

“Narelle Sheehan was a lifesaving coach to me and I wholeheartedly recommend her! I always looked forward to our sessions, and she never ceased to somehow ask the right questions to make me realize things about myself. She steered me in the right direction to a healthier outlook of myself and the world, and it continues to stay with me.Read More

The sessions were fun, and Narelle always gets you in a good mood. She is adaptable and excellent at assessing what you need on a given day, and has an arsenal of wonderful anecdotes, quotes, and assignments to make an impact and turn you into an all-around better, healthier and happier person. And I don’t know how, but I was able to land a big job just weeks after our first sessions…the power of positive thinking? All I can say is it was pretty amazing, and I have to give her a lot of credit!”
Judy Clement

Actress/Freelance Event Production and Entertainment Executive Assistant

“Narelle assisted me with clarifying my goals and taking actions steps towards success. While working with her I moved into a new home, changed jobs and started my own business. I highly recommend Narelle to anyone looking for guidance and support in moving forward and creating a more fulfilling life.”

Nicole Donovan

Kids Party Planning Services

“Narelle is a motivator. She knows how to get you going in the right direction and moving towards your goals. The first thing you need to realize if you hire Narelle is that you need to work hard. She is excellent at working the discovery process. She supports you to win and guides you towards what you want. She is positive, smart and does her research. Narelle is a great partner in a successful venture, which is your career. She helped me get past a big hurdle and a transitioning period of my life.”

Adam Meltzer

Sustainability Consultant at Green Building Services, Inc.

“Narelle Sheehan helped me to unblock my potential and to trust myself in the area of releasing my creativity. The process has been filled with laughter, honesty and amazing self-discovery. A huge benefit is that I now experience less frustration and more ease in achieving previously unattainable or seemingly elusive goals. I am able to move past obstacles once felt as insurmountable – lack of focus, self-sabotage, perfectionism and procrastination. Because I am no longer riddled with self-doubt and anxiety, both my income and productivity have increased 300%! Thank you!”

Kadena Tate

Author * Speaker * Business Coach

“Working with Narelle as my Creative Coach has been the equivalent of getting electrocuted. Not in the scary life threatening sense, rather, having my ideas and confidence shocked to life! With her help I’ve gained major progress on my goals, utilizing her years of experience in all matters business and my personal favorite: Self-empowerment! In addition to her expertise, Narelle has a great sense of humor, which comes as a relief on those days when I feel as though my world is crashing down (happens quite often). Can’t say enough about Narelle! I would recommend her to anyone who believes they’re capable of so much more.”

Steve Nahaj

Creative Writer / Content Producer

Group Coaching Testimonials

“I’ve worked with Narelle as a client of Creative Power Coaching for several years, including some workshops she has done for a non-profit music organization I belong to, as well as group coaching sessions, and also as a private client.Read More

I am a songwriter and piano player with many years of writing and performing experience. In the past few years, I’ve needed to redefine and articulate my goals and direction, as these are changing now– I find myself re-thinking my purpose and what I want to do. So I’ve appreciated the inspiration Narelle gives me. Her knowledge of show business and her understanding of what makes people tick has been invaluable. Narelle has helped me to think bigger, and to expand my concept of strategies I might try. She is a wonderful sounding board for ideas, and helps clear up my vision of the path I’m on. Narelle understands her clients and is able to motivate them in line with who they are. In my current group, a creative Mastermind group of artists who meet in person, we are all able to inspire each other, and it is extraordinary what we can do as a group to help each other as artists. Narelle has created a wonderful fun group for us. Though I work at a snail’s pace, she understands that, and can really inspire me to make steady progress in my career.”
Michelle Malone

Individual/Group/Conferences Los Angeles Women in Music, Creative & Conferences

Corporate Coaching Testimonials

“As a small business owner it is sometimes easy to lose focus and become unmotivated. Since engaging Narelle as my Coach I have found a new vigor for my business that has led to me increasing sales and leads despite the Economic down-turn. Narelle has been able to help me implement new strategies and hold me accountable.

Need to get your business re-energised? Hire Narelle

Colleen Sommerin


“An excellent practitioner in whatever she turns her hand to.”

Stephen Gorry

Partner at Henry Davis York

“Narelle is sincere, intelligent, creative, and hardworking. We appreciated greatly her insights and opinions. I would recommend her highly if you are looking for a solid, outside perspective from someone who utilizes both experience and intuition.”

Jason Haffley

Managing Partner & Executive Producer at OneNinth

“I am president of a local direct mail advertising company and I thought I knew it all since I started my business 17 years ago without any outside help & rely only on my own experience. However I work very hard and didn’t know any other way! Until I talked to Narelle!Read More

I hired Narelle last year & I was not open to this idea at first, to let someone else tell me how to run my business!!

My attitude changed as soon as I talked to her & follow her guidance!

With no time, she opened up a lot of doors & made my business & life run smoother & smarter rather than harder & I am very happy about the result.

I recommend her to anyone who wants to grow or make more, Even my enemies!

Many Thanks to her.”

Sabah Murtadha Sabour

President, American Discount Card

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